Celebrities Around The World – That’s Crazy!


We always judge celebrities because of the crazy things they do and we usually think less of them because of their choices. I believe that celebrities are not the primary ones to blame for appearing so insane. The media is technically in control of a celebrity’s image. The media only covers a celebrity’s most depressing or idiotic moments. Also, every candid photo you see in the tabloids is of them totally unaware. The media tries to make them look worse than they actually are, which is ironic when you see a celebrity in another magazine Photoshopped to look unattainable, interesting. Celebrities might have more money and fame than the average person, but they are people too. Everyone has a bad day and if you were constantly bombarded with photographers I’m sure you would eventually be caught looking off guard. Why is it so entertaining to see a celebrity going out of their minds? I answered this in a previous post. It’s because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We don’t seem as crazy when someone famous is doing something worse.


You know you live in a sad society when we have to compare ourselves to someone struggling to feel better. The media isn’t always crude though. There are occasional stories of marriages and celebrities winning awards, but other than that it is focused on how much weight a celebrity have gained and what outfit they chose to wear that day. Also, have you ever noticed that the cover of the tabloids is of celebrities failing at something; it deals with cheating, divorce, or anything having to do with relationships. There should be an alternative magazine that makes you proud of the celebrities that stay married or that are helping people. Instead of keeping up with the Kardashians we should be keeping up with the news, real news. We should be more entertained with seeking information about other countries and how we can help them. More people need to be informed about what is going on in the world instead of focusing on their own country. Here is a link to World News for your convenience.

Although Americans thrive on entertainment, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We need to be entertained by things that have a beneficial impact and things that are worth while. The media does a great job of filling our minds with what they want us to think, it is our job to be selective when subjected to this. We need to pick and choose what we choose to believe and what we think is actual news, and if we are unsure, we need to research it. We have this amazing invention at our fingertips called the Internet. We use it for information all the time but I doubt that many people use it to stay up to date with the rest of the world. Facebook is a great social connection website but it falls flat when trying to promote news. Facebook’s News Feed isn’t exactly news, it’s just stories friends decide to post. There should be a social networking site that makes it entertaining to stay connected with global news as well as global people. Realizing how lucky we are to be in a nation that allows us the freedom to learn about other countries and make a difference with a click of a button is an amazing feel, yet many people don’t have this realization. Since celebrities are our main source of entertainment and the media is the one showing us the celebrities, I believe it is time for a change in our entertainment interests.

Thanks for reading!

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-Jackson Dale


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